viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Captain Horseyear

Sketchbook Pro and Wacom Cintq13hd illustration.
Based on a pic by Robin Bharaj,

lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014


Bueno, bueno, después de bastate timepo  me he puesto a actualizar este blog, que tengo un poco abandonado; ultimamante posteo a TUMBL, es más sencillo y cómodo. Ya podéis disculpar el jaleo.
Agradeceré cualquier comentario que me ayude a mejorar.

Well, after some time I have updated this blog with some of the drawings and sketches published on my TUMBLR: wich is easier to update.

I hope you enjoy them in case you have not seen them, any feedback will be super wellcome as I only try to get better.

Thanks and cheers!


Procreate on iPad


Sketchbook Pro


Sketchbook pro MECH paint exercise inspired by the great Callum Alexander Watt (

Tn Tn?

procreate on iPad

New CintQ 13 HD

Kid Alerta

The tale of the red seagull.

Procreate on ipad.


August 2013 sketches at Karabineros.


Clouds in Madrid sky, July 15 2013. Procreate quick sketches with Procreate and pen.